selected web projects

if a site is unlinked, it's because it is no longer there,
or because the contents of the site have changed since i worked on it

Annette Weintraub's Sampling broadway
(sound design & mixing)
Sampling broadway appeared in the Whitney Museum's first
Internet Art exhibition as part of the Whitney Biennial 2000

Radio Stare  (1997-2000)
(design & implementation)


A Grimm Tale
(programming & technical design)

Merpy's Oracle Of Wonder
(programming & technical design)

Merpy's Summer Vacation
(programming & technical design)

Merpy's Monsterland
(programming & technical design)

selected web jobs

Time, Inc. (2000-now)
(programming) (1997-2000)

Velvet Underground
"Peel Slowly & See"
(designer) / (1995-1997)
(programming & design)

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